About Kintsugi Photo

I have a curiosity for all things that make us human. Both the beautiful and the parts that we prefer to keep hidden in the dark. If I’ve learned one thing about human nature is that we all seek for connection. We all need someone to share intimacy, love, or even something simple as a thought with. No soul is an island. And yet, this is something we often have great difficulty with. Connection comes at a price; vulnerability. We tend to not stir the pot too much, keep our desires and emotions mostly to ourselves. Afraid of judgement or rejection. 
It’s exactly those deep emotions and desires that I want to capture. There’s a need for love and connection within all of them.

As a photographer I challenge you to open up your vulnerability, show me all the dirt you’ve kept hidden and connect with me. I Promise you I’ll show you all the beauty you have to offer in return.